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January 2014

Puyallup: State blames I-5 bridge delay on Puyallup Tribe - If things had gone the way the state Department of Transportation wanted, construction of the first of two new Interstate 5 bridges over the Puyallup River would have begun last summer. Instead, the bridge projects are stalled out, Transportation Department officials say — delayed for at least two years with no definite start date in sight.

Puyallup: Puyallup Tribe, city working toward cemetery solution - Ryan Conway grew up across the street from the Indian Willard Cemetery in Puyallup, visiting ancestral graves and living in what was then called the “Blue House.” Today, the Blue House is Blue Sky Landscape Services and Conway, for the past six years, has been the caretaker in that cemetery, which dates back more than 200 years. “I tell people I treat each grave as if it were your mother’s,” Conway said. “That way anyone who comes to visit a family member can see every grave site has been treated the same, with respect.”

December 2013

Puyallup: $12 million jail first phase of Puyallup Tribe's plan for new justice center - Puyallup Tribal Police Chief Joe Duenas says he wouldn’t want to put even his worst enemy in the 10-bed jail he oversees near Interstate 5 just off East Portland Avenue.

Puyallup: Gig Harbor's Donkey Creek project opens with ceremony, blessing from Puyallup Tribe - Up to 5,000 years ago, the spot where people gathered to see the opening of the Donkey Creek project was filled with the Puyallup Tribe’s ancestors, said Brandon Reynon, archaeologist for the Puyallup Tribe. As they hunted, fished and lived, they enjoyed the land in the same ways many in Gig Harbor do today.

October 2013

Puyallup: Tribe creating logjams to protect young fish - The Puyallup Tribe of Indians is hoping fish-friendly structures will protect property in Wilkeson to help save a local steelhead run. Heavy floods a few winters ago washed away almost two acres of land the tribe wants to convert into steelhead acclimation ponds.

Puyallup: Tribal Council awarded more than $2.5 million in federal safety, justice grants - The Puyallup Tribal Council has been awarded more than $2.5 million in safety and justice grants by the federal Department of Justice. The federal agency announced the grant funding Wednesday, as part of $90 million awarded to 110 American Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages, tribal consortia and tribal designated non-profits.

Puyallup: Tribe creating logjams to protect young fish - The Puyallup Tribe of Indians is hoping fish-friendly structures will protect property in Wilkeson to help save a local steelhead run. Heavy floods a few winters ago washed away almost two acres of land the tribe wants to convert into steelhead acclimation ponds.

Puyallup-Tulalip: Marijuana divides a man and his tribe - While marijuana has been legalized both for medicinal users and others in Washington state, it's still illegal under federal law. That's the law to which most Indian tribes, including the Tulalips, subscribe. ... At least one tribe, the Puyallup Tribe in Pierce County, has chosen to follow state law regarding marijuana rather than the federal rules, according to a web page listing tribal laws. This includes recognition of medicinal pot. Comment: Tribes do not "subscribe" to federal law; under the Constitution of the United States, all tribes are "subject" to federal law. While the "war on drugs" is stupid and harmful, and hemp, especially, should be legal because it is a valuable, renewable and Earth-friendly resource, as when a few tribes defied the Defense of Marriage Act, to defy federal law on the matter of drug laws is to invite a federal lawsuit that could further erode the sovereignty of all tribes.

Puyallup: Native Arts festival marks end of museum exhibit - The two-month In the Spirit exhibit at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma will culminate Saturday with a free Native American arts festival and market. The festival will feature performances by the Puyallup Canoe Family, flutist and singer Rona Yellow Robe and storyteller and musician Cochise Anderson, among others.

August 2013

Puyallup: Police discover stockpile of illegal fireworks at Puyallup complex - Residents at a Puyallup apartment complex were forced to evacuate Thursday night after federal and state law enforcement agents uncovered "a large cache" of fireworks.

Puyallup: Man charged with six felonies for alleged cache of fireworks - A 48-year-old Puyallup man has been charged with hording so many illegal fireworks authorities said it would take a month to inventory them all.

June 2013

Puyallup: Let Tacoma Totem Pole decay publicly, committee says - If a makeshift committee has its way, a historic but increasingly unstable totem pole that has stood in downtown Tacoma for more than a century would be taken down and left to decay publicly as a piece of the city’s “living history.” Shaun Peterson, a Puyallup tribal member who carved the Welcome Figure that now stands near Tollefson Plaza has noted totem poles aren’t endemic of Washington’s Coast Salish tribes.

May 2013

Nisqually-Puyallup: Sick, injured or abandoned, animals get help they need - Support for South Sound Critter Care has poured in during the past year from all corners. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians gave SSCC a little more than $7,000 which was used to replace the washer and dryer in the rehab center as well as build fencing. In addition, the Nisqually Indian Tribe donated $5,000.

Puyallup: Honoring Our Elders: Fostine Butler Talltree - Born July 15, 1941, Fostine Butler Talltree is a true survivor. The youngest of nine children, her parents William Butler and Elsie Young were reluctant to teach their children about the Indian ways. Although her father would often say, "We are a dying race," Fostine's curiosity often got the best of her.

Puyallup: What to do with rotten, 110-year-old Tacoma Totem Pole? - Age, rot and insects have combined to weaken the carved cedar log known simply as the “Tacoma Totem Pole” – a city-owned attraction some 8½ stories tall that adorns Fireman’s Park at 9th and A streets. City officials last week requested Shaun Peterson, a Puyallup Indian who carved the city’s “welcome figure” in Tollefson Plaza, to help research the pole’s origins.

Puyallup: Changes Afoot at Puyallup Hatchery - The Puyallup Historical Hatchery Foundation has received its non-profit federal tax number and an agreement with Fish & Wildlife outlining educational and community operations at the historic hatchery.

Puyallup: Tribe's $150 million expansion of Emerald Queen includes gaming area, parking - The Puyallup Tribe of Indians announced Tuesday that it will break ground this summer on a 2,500-stall parking structure near its Portland Avenue casino. When completed, the structure will be followed by construction of a new, full-service gaming facility.

April 2013

Puyallup: Gov. Jay Inslee Visits Chief Leschi School - Newly elected Governor Jay Inslee chose the Puyallup Tribe's Chief Leschi Schools as his very first Tribal school to visit since taking office. During an assembly Feb. 28, Governor Jay Inslee spoke to students of the importance of registering to vote.

March 2013

Puyallup: Local father brings native culture to Fife Library - On a winter day in 2011, three-year-old Kailee Reynolds asked her father to read her a book, and the two set off for the library. A member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Shawn Reynolds took his daughter to the Fife Library, which sits on tribal land, and they began looking for children's books about Native Americans. Finding none, he donated many.

February 2013

Puyallup: Another Round Against Puyallup Tobacco Taxing - A cigarette seller can renew its challenge to a tax contract between the Puyallup Indian Tribe and the state of Washington, the 9th Circuit said Monday.

January 2013

Puyallup: Norm Dicks' decades in Congress brought a lot of money back to home state - Norm ’ last few months in office have included a farewell tour of sorts, with goodbye speeches and appearances dotting the district and culminating in a by-invitation-only party last Sunday, Dicks’ 72nd birthday. The sendoff at Tacoma’s Hotel Murano was thrown by Dicks’ campaign committee, the Puyallup Tribe and Washington State Democrats.

December 2012

Puyallup: JBLM observes American Indian tradition - Service members at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., participated in a cultural exhibition as a part of the National American Indian Heritage Observance, Nov. 20. As a part of the ceremonies entertainment, girls from Chief Leschi Elementary School wore red dresses with black shawls as they sang traditional chants and held wooden paddles to symbolize rowing a canoe. They were accompanied by their co-ed classmates who beat on drums decorated with Puyallup Tribe symbols. The child performers were followed by one of their Native American leaders Lawrence LaPointe. He’s no stranger to the military; he served as a Marine during Vietnam. Now, he’s serving his sixth term on the Puyallup Tribal Council.

Puyallup: Home Team Harvest raises 3,152,637 meals - People all over the Puget Sound area on Saturday opened their hearts, their cupboards and their wallets to help those less fortunate. KING 5 joined Northwest Harvest for the 12th annual Home Team Harvest Food Drive. The Puyallup Tribe made a surprise donation of $250,000. "The tribe has always helped people out in times of need," said Bill Sterud, Puyallup Tribe of Indians. "This is a chance for us to do that."

November 2012

Puyallup: LEED for Homes Awards recipients revealed ahead of Greenbuild 2012 - Project of the Year Award: Place of the Hidden Waters Community Longhouse, Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority; Puyallup, Wash.

Puyallup: Tribe Dodges Suit Over Cigarette-Taxing Deal - The 9th Circuit on Tuesday rejected a cigarette seller's court-hopping challenge to a tax contract between the Puyallup Indian Tribe and the state of Washington.

October 2012

Puyallup: Port approves changes to land sale deal - A long-pending land sale deal between the Port of Tacoma and the Puyallup Tribe now appears ready for signing after the Port of Tacoma Commission on Thursday approved adjustments to the deal. The tribe, in partnership with terminal operator SSA, wants to make that land into a terminal to serve shipping interests. The property is adjacent to another marina the tribe owns on the Hylebos Waterway. Port officials said they expect the deal will close by the month’s end. In addition to some $4.1 million, the port will receive land worth some $8.2 million.

Puyallup: Volunteers celebrate new Chambers Creek fish ladder - Volunteers have increased the odds of survival for wild salmon in Chambers Creek with a $1,200 investment and a year’s work. The project was made possible with grant funding, support from Pierce County and assistance from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.

September 2012

Puyallup: Federal agents swarm smoke shop during raid - State and federal agents swarmed a Native American smoke shop in Puyallup Wednesday, seizing scores of items. Authorities won’t say why the shop was raided, and family members of the store’s owners said police are trying to destroy the business.

Puyallup: Landscape changing around former Ole & Charlie's site near Port of Tacoma - The land side of the former Ole & Charlie’s Marina as 4224 Marine View Drive has been cleaned up by its owner, the Port of Tacoma, and the marina’s docks now stand vacant. The port is due to transfer its piece of the former marina to the Puyallup Tribe later this month in a long-pending land swap. The port will receive land closer to the heart of its shipping activities on the Blair Waterway in exchange for its part of the Ole & Charlie’s site.

August 2012

Puyallup: Tribe welcomes canoes from near and far during a stop on the reservation - In one of the biggest turnouts in 23 years, more than 75 traditional cedar canoes took part in the annual Coast Salish Canoe Journey, making a stop at Puyallup territory near Dash Point on July 25. Tribes from as far away as Hawaii and New Zealand have participated in this celebration of tradition and culture, reconnecting with friends and family along the way as they journey toward their final destination. This year’s journey concludes with a nearly weeklong celebration at Squaxin Island Tribe.

July 2012

Puyallup: Pervasive weed causing flooding - The sun was out on Friday and there's been no rain in sight, but the banks of Clarks Creek are still above flood stage. That's nothing new, either. For the past couple of months, the creek has been over its banks and into about 150 homes. That type of flooding has been happening on a regular basis, and it's all because the creek is crammed with a pervasive weed called elodea. Complicating the matter, the Puyallup Tribe only allows weed cutting for six weeks during the summer in order to protect the fish runs. That's half of the time the city used to have. Comment: People who build in a flood plain,...

Puyallup: Man dies after being shocked with Taser at Fife casino - A guest at the Emerald Queen Casino in Fife died early Wednesday after security staff there used a Taser on him during a confrontation, according to Puyallup Tribal Police.

Puyallup: Tacoma port to sell 5 Frederickson parcels - More than four decades after the Port of Tacoma bought a rural Pierce County tract as the site for future industrial development, it may soon complete its mission. The port has also listed as surplus an important waterfront parcel on the east side of the Blair Waterway. The Blair is the port’s main watery artery for access to its container terminals. The port plans to trade that property to the Puyallup Tribe as part of a complicated land swap that will allow the port to widen the Blair for larger ships while not diminishing the tribe’s potential containership terminal sites.

June 2012

Puyallup: Bean, Miller, LaPointe Re-Elected - The Puyallup Tribal membership re-elected incumbents David Z. Bean, Sylvia P. Miller and Lawrence W. LaPointe during the June 9 general election to fill three open seats. David Z. Bean received the most votes, with 516 nods of support, with Sylvia Miller coming in second with 438 votes. Lawrence LaPointe received 380 votes. Challenger James V. Miles tallied in at 263 votes and Henry Albert John and Nancy Shippentower-Games received 209 votes apiece.

Puyallup: ‘Strong’ reaction halts plan to lease hatchery - A seafood company won’t lease the state-owned Puyallup Trout Hatchery on Clarks Creek – at least not anytime soon. The Puyallup Tribe of Indians feels the hatchery should be used to raise steelhead and Chinook to replenish the river, and is interested in working with the state, said John Weymer, tribal spokesman.

May 2012

Puyallup: Per Capita Program Designed to Meet Long-Term Needs - Since the Puyallup Tribe's current per capita program began in 2002, these monthly payments have helped members pay monthly bills, purchase groceries, care for their children and gain more financial security overall. Through the Tribe's Revenue Allocation Plan (RAP), the program has been carefully designed to maximize the benefit to each member. Because the Tribe uses gaming money to fund much of the per capita program, it is required by federal law to submit a RAP for approval by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, providing descriptions of how the Tribe's gaming revenue will be used. The Tribe's RAP states that 40-55 percent of its gaming revenue be used in the per capita program.

April 2012

Puyallup-Quinault: Let's not stand for high rate of tribal youth suicide - CDC data from 2005 show the rate of native youth suicides is 2.2 times the number of people in all other ethnic groups. Suicide is their second-leading cause of death, and Indian Health Services numbers indicate kids between 15 and 19 are the most likely to kill themselves.

Puyallup: Tribe Awards $35,000 to the Greater Metro Parks Foundation to support youth sports: - Metro Parks Tacoma Youth Sports received $35,000 from the Puyallup Tribe Charity Trust Board, thanks to a grant submitted by the Greater Metro Parks Foundation. The funding will provide much needed sports equipment and financial aid scholarships, sustaining Metro Parks’ services that may have otherwise been scaled back.

Puyallup: Enumclaw City Council supports Boise Creek project on golf course - A project initiated by the Puyallup Indian Tribe would make life more enjoyable for Enumclaw golfers, improve spawning grounds for migrating salmon and cost roughly $1 million to complete.

Puyallup: Tribe funds help chinook program continue - The Puyallup Tribe of Indians is helping fund a program to restore spring chinook in the upper White River watershed. Because of budget cuts, the state couldn’t afford a special fin-clipping process for the young salmon, so that tribe is pitching in.

March 2012

Puyallup: Surveillance photo of Fife bank robber released - Puyallup Tribal police were investigating a robbery attempt this afternoon at a U.S. Bank branch in Fife. According to tribal spokesman John Weymer, a man passed a note to a teller asking for money. He fled the bank on foot.

Puyallup and Tulalip: Shipyard offering new apprentice positions for tribal members, vets - Tacoma’s last remaining major shipyard, J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Co., today announced a new apprenticeship program designed to create a new generation of skilled shipbuilders while providing jobs for Native Americans and military veterans. The jobs program, sponsored jointly by the Puyallup Tribe, the Tulalip Tribe, the Tribal Employment Rights Office of the Pacific Northwest Regional Tribes and the Helmets to Hardhats program, will train apprentices in skilled trades while the shipyard builds its first fishing boat in two decades.

January 2012

Puyallup: Officer recovering after crashing car during chase - A Puyallup tribal police officer is recovering after crashing his cruiser during a high speed chash in Puyallup. Pierce County sheriff's deputies said the officer tried to pull over a reckless driver late Tuesday night on Canyon Road.

Puyallup: March, rally for Leonard Peltier in Tacoma - February 4 will be an international day in solidarity with Leonard Peltier, and a Northwest regional march and rally will be held in Tacoma. This march is answering the call by the Leonard Peltier Defense Organizing (LPDOC) Committee for marches and rallies to be held on this day around the world in support of clemency for Leonard Peltier. The march begins at noon at Portland Avenue Park (on Portland Avenue between East 35th and East Fairbanks.) From there, the march travels through downtown Tacoma for a rally at the U.S. Federal Courthouse, 1717 Pacific Ave.

Puyallup: 21st Century Afterschool Program News - Chief Leschi Schools’ 21st Century Afterschool Program has officially begun! Our goal is to provide an opportunity for our staff and students to build and extend meaningful relationships in a safe, structured and nurturing environment.

Puyallup: Lighted parade continues to grow in fourth year - Puyallup Tribal Community Alliance’s fourth-annual lighted Christmas parade once again brought bright lights and holiday cheer to the Portland Avenue neighborhood. The East Side parade took place on Dec. 10, starting at the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority’s health clinic with a tree lighting. A procession of various illuminated floats – including cars, trucks, golf carts and canoes – was led by Puyallup Tribal veterans down 32nd street and along Portland Avenue for all the community to enjoy.

December 2011

Puyallup: Tribe donates $750,000 to help local families - Puyallup Tribe of Indians recently pumped $750,000 into the local community with donations to three charitable organizations that will help local families experience a happier holiday season.

Puyallup: Remembering Medicine Creek Treaty - December 26, 1854 was a cold winter day that would forever change the history of the Pacific Northwest.

Puyallup: Ramona Hawthorne celebrates her 90th year - A celebration was held at the Browns Point Lighthouse where friends and family from throughout the Tribal community gathered in her honor of her long, vibrant life.

Puyallup: Journey toward an electronic health system continues - One more step has been complete in the journey to a new efficient process at Puyallup Tribal Health Authority. More than 12,000 registration charts were shipped out on Dec. 7 to a secured facility in order to be scanned into the new electronic health system.

Puyallup: Tugboat heading off to sea - After several months of preparation, the U.S. Navy tugboat Puyallup is ready to head to sea. A special ceremony was held to mark the occasion on Dec. 5 at Martinac Shipbuilding, where it was built on Thea Foss Waterway in Tacoma.

Puyallup: 1 million meals bought with one Hometeam Harvest donation

Puyallup: 10th Annual Candlelight Vigil

Puyallup: Home Team Harvest final tally - 2,453,297 meals raised

November 2011

Puyallup: Puyallup Tribe’s beloved Grandma Jane Wright turns 84

Puyallup: Families Gather for a night of Thanksgiving

Puyallup: Honoring our Elders: Shirley Satiacum

Puyallup: Honoring Our Elders: Howard Lobb

Puyallup: Cultural Celebration

Puyallup: 21st Century After School Program Already at Work

Puyallup: News from the Nurse: Are you Feeling blue… or SAD?

Puyallup: Staff Spotlight: Dr Ken Graves, Dentist

Puyallup: Hunting program puts focus on elders, youth

Puyallup: Tour brings Queensryche to rock the EQC

Puyallup: Veterans gather in name of service

Puyallup: Chief Leschi Schools Honors its Veterans

Puyallup: Honoring our warriors

Puyallup: GREAT Camp goes to Homecoming

Puyallup: Chili Cookoff

Puyallup: Student-Led Conferences

Puyallup: Youth Center renovation moves full speed ahead

Puyallup: A look into the past: Methods of Cooking

Puyallup: A look into the past: Mealtime

Puyallup: Traditional Foods

Puyallup: Creating pathways for Native Business

Puyallup: Veterans on an environmental mission

Puyallup: Boyfriend charged with assault of child

Puyallup: CDVAP works to help families heal from domestic violence

Puyallup: Naval tug takes Puyallup name around the world

October 2011

Puyallup: Changes needed for Tideflats to stop economic engine's sputtering

Puyallup: Tribal clinic expanding


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